SPOHR Tag Line


The SPOHR tag line serves to gauge the total depth of the firm substrate of boreholes, observation wells and open water bodies.

The SPOHR tag line devices are extremely robust and resistant.


Wire rope

Steel wire rope with marked brass sleeve



SPOHR tag line with high quality flat tape

For special requirement, whereby the 1m/5m division does not offer sufficient accuracy, we offer our tag line with SPOHR high quality flat tape.

Here, the steel wire rope with 1m/5m division is replaced with our polyethylene insulated flat tape with two high tensile stainless steel wires with permanent hot stamped markings.

Due to the deep embossed cm divisions with decimetre numbering and red meter numbers, it is possible to determine the depth to a higher accuracy.

Reel and tag weight as with the standard tag lines.

spohr lightweight water level meterSpohr Lightweight Water Level Meters are designed for fast and reliable measurements of water levels in wells, boreholes, observation tubes, tanks, surface water, etc.

The Water Level Meters feature a compact, lightweight plastic reel and frame, making them easy to transport and use in the field.

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