Electronic Pump Controller and Accessories

Electronic Pump Controllers

Solinst offers the Model 464 Electronic Pump Control Unit in both 125 psi and 250 psi versions. Both units use 4 AA batteries and are fully automatic with preset sample modes from high to low flow. This allows faster purge rates and precise low flow control to ensure a representative sample at 100 ml/min or less when sampling for VOCs.

The 464 Electronic Pump Control Unit can also be operated manually if your batteries run out in the field, using only a compressed gas source. In addition, up to 99 user-created flow rates can be saved in its memory.

The Control Units are supplied in a convenient rugged box, suitable for all environments. Quick-connect fittings allow easy, instant attachment to dedicated well caps or portable reel units, and to an air compressor or compressed gas source.


Sizes and Materials

Solinst offers Double Valve Pumps in 316 stainless steel with o-rings. The two standard pump body sizes are:

Standard dedicated systems use 1/4" OD (6 mm) sample and 3/8" OD (10 mm) drive tubing. Adaptors for both 1/4" and 3/8" OD (6 mm and 10 mm) tubing are included. Portable systems use dual 1/4" OD (6 mm) skip-bonded tubing.

The Micro Double Valve Pump is a flexible, 3/8” (10 mm) diameter, PTFE Pump. It is ideal for low flow sampling in narrow applications.



12 Volt Air Compressor: Portable, designed to operate using a vehicle’s battery. Ideal for field use, especially low flow applications of less than 30 m (100 ft) depth.

Packers: Save time and reduce costs by minimizing the volume of water purged.

In-line Disposable Filters: 0.45µm, with 650 cm2 filter area.

Tag Line: Convenient reel-mounted marked cable, for additional pump support.