Specifications and Filter Rinse Results

Housings: Polypropylene
Membrane: Polypropylene
Pore Size
0.45 µm
Maximum Operating Pressure
72 psi (5 bar)
Maximum Operating Temperature
High Flow: 39ºC (102ºF)


Disposable Filter Rinse Results
Disposable Filters have been tested for the following chemicals and the effluent was found to have non-detectable levels using equipment with the following detection limits.
Element Detection Limit (mg/L) Element Detection Limit (mg/L)
Antimony <0.0010 Thallium <0.0010
Arsenic <0.0010 Zinc <0.0300
Beryllium <0.0020 Benzene <0.0010
Cadmium <0.0050
Bromomethane <0.0050
Copper <0.0200 Carbon TetraChloride <0.0010
Lead <0.0050 Chlorobenzene <0.0010
Chromium <0.0100 Chloro-dibromomethane <0.0010
Mercury <0.0002 Dichloro-benzene Group <0.0010
Nickel <0.0200 Dichloro-ethane Group <0.0010
Selenium <0.0200 PCB Group <0.0005
Silver <0.0300 PP Acid Extractables <0.0100


Inlet and Outlet Connections

Each filter has 3/8" (9.5 mm) hose barb inlet and outlet connections, as well as a 1/8" NPTM vent/drain connection.