Low Pressure Packers

solinst low pressure groundwater sampling packers


Solinst Low Pressure Pneumatic Packers are available in two sizes, as single or straddle packers primarily for use in 2" to 5" monitoring wells (50 and 125 mm). They can be inflated using a hand pump to a maximum of up to 50 psi (345 kPa).

Ideal for isolating discrete zones for:


Bladder Pumps

solinst bladder pumps
  • Ideal for low flow VOC sampling
  • Durable PTFE bladder
  • Optional disposable LDPE bladders

Water Level Dataloggers

solinst levelogger groundwater dataloggers

The Levelogger Edge is an absolute precision water level and temperature recording device, which features 0.05% FS accuracy, 10-year battery, schedule sampling and memory for up to 120,000 sets of readings. Titanium based coating makes it ideal for use in corrosive environments.