RRL Remote Radio Link

solinst rrl remote radio link telemetry system network for leveloggers

solinst rrl remote radio link telemetry system remote unit connects to leveloggers

The 9200 RRL Radio Telemetry System offers a very simple, inexpensive method of local telemetry. The wireless system is designed to log real-time data from the Levelogger Series of dataloggers. It communicates over distances up to 20 miles (30 km). Distances can also be increased by using some radios as repeaters.

Each remote station is programmed and scheduled using the same intuitive software as the STS Gold Telemetry Systems. Data is stored in an Access Database and can be exported for use in other programs, allowing self-management of the data. The RRL is excellent for small, closed loop networks, such as mine sites and landfill monitoring networks.


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