201 Water Level Temperature Meter (WLT)

Water level measurement accuracy Solinst is known for, with the addition of convenient temperature profiling.


What sets our Water Level Temperature Meter apart?

solinst water level temperature meter


How can the WLT Meter be used?

The WLT Meter is an excellent tool for geothermal drillers, hydrogeologists, hydrologists, aquatic biologists, ecologists and chemists, and environmental scientists.

spohr lightweight water level meter for accurate groundwater monitoring of water levels of wells and boreholes

Spohr Lightweight Water Level Meter

Spohr Lightweight Water Level Meters are designed for fast and reliable measurements of water levels in wells, boreholes, observation tubes, tanks, surface water, etc.

The Water Level Meters feature a compact, lightweight plastic reel and frame, making them easy to transport and use in the field.