Operation and Specifications

Method of Operation

The Point Source Bailer is lowered slowly to the desired sample depth on a support line. As the bailer is being lowered, both ball valves open, allowing water to flow through the sampler.

On reaching the sampling depth, the bailer is raised slowly and steadily. The weight of water and upward movement of the bailer keep both ball valves closed. The top ball valve prevents the sample in the bailer from mixing with water at higher levels in the borehole. The bottom valve prevents the sample from leaking out of the bailer.

Once at the surface, the bailer is emptied by opening the top vent, and allowing the water to drain slowly through the sample release device into a sample container.

The Point Source Bailer can then be decontaminated before taking the next sample.



The Solinst Point Source Bailer is constructed of 316 stainless steel with PTFE ball valves, and o-rings. The sampler comes complete with a stainless steel sample release device to minimize loss of volatiles during transfer to the sample container.

The Solinst Model 103 Tag Line is recommended as a support line for the Point Source Bailer. There is the option of laser marked cable (marked every 1/4 ft. or 5 cm) of laser marked flat tape (marked every 1/100 ft. or each mm), mounted on an easy to use reel.