Solinst Low Cost Data Plan & STS Operation

Solinst provides the option of a 4G LTE Solinst SIM card. The Solinst SIM card scans multiple networks and connects to the strongest signal. Low cost, data only plans are billed directly through Solinst for convenience.

Initial setup for each STS Solinst Telemetry System is done using Solinst Telemetry PC Software at the Home Station. A sample rate is set at which the STS records a real-time reading from each attached datalogger. A report rate sets the frequency that the data is sent from the STS to the Home Station.

Dataloggers can be programmed to record independently of the STS and store the data in their own internal memory, providing reliable backup, if circumstances require it.

The STS Field Utility Software is used to initialize the STS via a USB connection. The Field Utility is also used to perform diagnostic checks on a connected STS, as well as control the modem and its settings. It is convenient to install on a laptop for use in the field.

Reported data is placed in a dynamically updated database on the Home Station computer. You can display formatted data on web pages by accessing the database using your own macros or scripts.

Solinst Telemetry Software can be used for a quick check of the latest readings. You can also set up and view barometrically compensated water level data. Data can be exported for use in your preferred database or modelling package.

To ensure no data loss, the STS stores data in its memory until it has been successfully uploaded by the Home Station computer.

Changes to the reporting schedule or STS firmware updates can be done remotely using Solinst Telemetry Software, which will update the STS and dataloggers at the next scheduled report.