Disposable Groundwater Sampling Filters

solinst disposable in-line groundwater sampling filters


Solinst Disposable In-Line Filters are specifically designed for the preparation of groundwater samples for dissolved metals analysis and for filtering large volumes of turbid groundwater. These filters are any easy effective way to meet the filtration requirements of the US EPA, as they incorporate a 0.45 m membrane into a disposable device.


Inertial Lift Groundwater Pumps

solinst inertial groundwater sampling footvalves
  • Easily operated by hand
  • Ideal for well development
  • Excellent in silty/sandy environments
  • Ideal for dedication

Rugged Peristaltic Pump

solinst peristalitc pumps
  • Compact, lightweight, rugged design
  • One simple control
  • Gives flow rates from 40 ml/min to almost 3.5 L/min
  • Ideal for sampling groundwater and vapor monitoring