Spohr Company


Spohr was founded in 1884 by Christian Spohr. From the very beginning, the company has been dealing with the production of electrical water level indicators. Telephone and telegraph systems as well as clock systems (tower clocks) were also manufactured. Until 1905, Christian Spohr was the town watchmaker of the city of Frankfurt.

In 1901 an employee of the company had the idea of the first well whistle, which earned a utility patent in 1902.

Carl Spohr (1877 – 1957) headed the company from 1908 onwards. Mainly engaged in the manufacture and assembly of complex electrical clocks and repairs of switchgear, the development of the water level measurement technology was continued.

Heinz Spohr (1912 – 2002) entered the company in 1931 and became a shareholder in 1939. He concentrated particularly on the water level measurement technology and already in 1933 invented the "Lichtlot" (DRGM1279419 "dive light with light signal"), which was further developed into the "water level meter" in the 50s. Water Level meter and well whistle are exhibited at the Deutsche Museum in Munich. In addition, various models of mechanical level recorders have been developed for different applications.

In 1979, the business was transferred to the newly founded SPOHR-Messtechnik GmbH, whose management was taken over by Peter Spohr (born in 1949). The existing product range was further developed (temperature water level meter) and, above all, international business was intensified.

1996 Spohr was certified according to DIN ISO9001. In 2002 the certification according to the new standard DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008 was successfully passed and Spohr continues to be ISO 9001 certified.

Since May 2014 SPOHR Messtechnik GmbH has a new owner. The new management will continue the company in keeping with the traditional values of the family business SPOHR.

In 2016 the company SPOHR was awarded for more than 15 years of successful certifications (ISO 9001).

For decades the production in the company Spohr was organized for manual production, utilizing specialized machinery and staff with a high degree of experience. This ensures a consistently high quality and reliability of the devices and a flexible, long-term service. A rational in-house handling and a minimal administration effort ensure a particularly favorable price / quality ratio for all devices, spare parts and services.

Spohr continues, after over 130 years, to be a reliable manufacturer and supplier of water level monitoring instruments.