Water Level Meter Operating Instructions

spohr lightweight water level meter showing front view and back view


Equipment Check

Submerse the probe in tap water. This completes the circuit and activates the buzzer and light.


Water Level Measurements

  1. The probe zero measurement point is the tip of the needle in the center of the probe.
  2. Feed the tape into and out of the well. The light and buzzer activate when the zero point enters water. To ensure accuracy, lower and raise the probe a few times and then record the depth measurement from the tape at the top of the well.


Routine Care

  1. After the depth to water has been recorded, the tape should be carefully rewound onto the reel, the probe wiped dry.
  2. The probe, tape and reel can be cleaned with phosphate free (non-abrasive) detergent and warm water. Do not submerge the reel.
  3. Use of a carrying bag adds to the service life of the meter.


Probe Care and Cleaning

  1. The probe should be wiped clean after each use.
  2. Remove any dirt or water from around the central sensor pin.
  3. Check the probe seal/strain relief for any cracking or other damage.


Battery Replacement

Battery type - alkaline, 9 volt.

  1. The battery is housed in a convenient battery drawer located in the faceplate of the Water Level Meter.
  2. To replace the battery, simply press the drawer in, lift then pull.
  3. The battery drawer should slide out of the faceplate enough to pull it out.
  4. Note the polarity (positive (+) terminal should be towards the small notch in the end of the drawer) and place new battery in the drawer and slide it back into the faceplate.


No sound when probe immersed in water.No sound when probe immersed in water. Dead battery. Replace with 9V Alkaline.
Disconnected wires on circuit board. Check all connections inside hub of reel for loose/disconnected wires - solder or reconnect.
Broken wire in tape. Locate break in tape - splice and seal, or replace. (Contact Spohr)
Disconnected wire inside probe. Contact Spohr for instructions.
Instrument continuously sounds after being immersed in water. Water in probe. Probe may be dirty which could interfere with the circuit connection. Clean probe. Contact Spohr for instructions.